Technology Transfer Office

Teknopark İstanbul TTO provides services in 6 major areas to all companies and start ups in Teknopark İstanbul. You can ask for our consultancy services by simply filling out our General Request Form.

Technology Transfer Office


1. Awareness Raising, Seminar and Training Services: 

We analyze needs and problems of our companies and organize tailor-made trainings, seminars and awareness raising activities according to those needs and also publish materials and announcements in their major interest areas. 


2. Planning and Policy Development Services:

We contribute to the clustering activities within Teknopark İstanbul and prepare project proposals for accessing to finance for these clusters, then execute the projects. 

We routinely follow national and international policies in science, technology and innovation and provide seminars about the implementation procedures.


3. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Services:

We monitor your projects financed by national and international funding resources and evaluate technology and innovation management capacity of your company. We use the evaluation data to plan and execute actions that will enhance these capacities.


4. Cooperation Development, Business Development and Project Development Services:

We provide consulting services for all of our companies in accessing to national and international funding mechanisms(funding programs, investors, VCs, private equities and others).

We help them to connect with other technopark companies and also academicians of the universities and contribute to the development of their networks.

We design and implement programs to increase the cooperation with universities and other technopark companies. Sectoral Cooperation Days and Internships Program are some of the examples of these actitivities of TTO..


5. IPR and Licencing Services:

We provide consultancy services in defining strategy and action plan for IPR created within your projects.

We provide facilitiation services to execute this action plan with proper stakeholders and monitor the progress. We design and execute Teknodestek Program which helps financing and supervision of all your process in patent applications.

We provide consultancy services for entrepreneurs seeking investors for commercialization of their technologies and help with market research and business model preparation.


6. Project Development and Management Services for Teknopark İstanbul:

We develop projects for increasing competitiveness of our companies and prepare proposals to access to national and international funding mechanisms. We implement these projects with supports of other Teknopark İstanbul units if they are funded.