Strategigram© is a software tool developed by the IASP that is designed to enable science park managers to analyse their strategic profile. It is not an assessment tool that evaluates the performance of science parks; contrary it helps to discover the model of each science parks.



Strategigram© is formed by 7 strategic axis by assigning a weight for every related answer to the questions. The combination of all axis helps to configure the strategic profile of the science park. 

Here are the results of Teknopark Istanbul according to Strategigram© as of August 2014. 

Axis 1: Location and Environment
Teknopark Istanbul located on a very high urban density. 

Axis 2: Position in the Knowledge/Technology Stream
Teknopark Istanbul shows a quite balanced strategy, paying similar attention to both the university and the industry.

Axis 3: Target Companies
Teknopark Istanbul attaches similar importance to support mature companies and to stimulate the creation of new ones. 

Axis 4: Degree of Specialization 
Teknopark Istanbul shows a tendency towards specialization on a limited number of technology sectors but it is not extreme.

Axis 5: Target Markets
Teknopark Istanbul pays similar attention to companies from domestic region and foreign countries. 

Axis 6: Networking
Teknopark Istanbul's approach to networking is extremely professional. Networking is one of the strategic priorities of Teknopark Istanbul.

Axis 7: Management Model 
Constructing an organizational model has greater influence on the management of Teknopark Istanbul.