Idea Cube Hosts Cyber Security Meetup Istanbul

04 October 2018

Teknopark Istanbul Idea Cube Incubation Center welcomed professionals from different countries in Cyber Security Meetup Istanbul on October 3. Mikael Puska, Advenica CEO from Sweeden and Arimo Koivisto, XXLSEC CCO. from Finland met with Idea Cube enterpreneurs. The meetup targeted anyone who wants to learn about the latest cybersecurity threats, start a career in the cybersecurity industry, or wants to network with cybersecurity industry professionals.  A speech on “Information Exchange Between Secure & Unsecure Networks” given by Mikael Puska and “Securing The Strategic Communication” by Arimo Koivisto. Following the speeches and Q&A session, Puska and Koivisto visited Intellidea.