Idea Cube

Idea Cube is an incubation center which opened its doors in April 2014.

Idea Cube

The vision of the incubation center is to create an environment for all entrepreneurs to collaborate among each other as well with all related stakeholders around the globe. The Center is built upon cooperation and aims at creating companies who have international reputation. With completion of the entire incubation center by late 2015, Teknopark Istanbul will host one of the biggest and largest incubation center of Europe, the Middle East and Africa region. 

Business idea contests, pre-incubation and incubation center, accelerator they are already/will all be carried out in the Incubation Center. 

At the Incubation Center ideas, talents and capital will be able to flow freely. Followings, but are not limited to, are the motivation reasons why people join or what we are looking for from investors/companies at our incubation center: 

Altruism: Giving back to community. 
Adventure: An emotional rush for “The Next Big thing”. Courage to participate groundbreaking technologies before anyone 
Challenge: Climbing the hills that others have said impossible. 
Competition: Desire to compete against others are heart pumping. 
Connections: Joy of meeting new people and developing connections. 
Friendship: Form long-lasting relationships based on trust. 
Learning: Satisfaction of learning from others. 
Team: Pleasure of being part of a larger group. 

Our core rules as follows: 

  1. Continuous and constructive communication
  2. Collaboration on various areas
  3. Sharing Best practices and best-known methods
  4. Minimum supervision for cooperation
  5. Global mind set
  6. Continuous idea generation 

The venture capital fund to be formed soon is providing funds to our fresh companies and the center is almost cost-free. The priority sectors are life sciences and health technologies, energy, maritime, defence industry, aviation, advance electronics, advance materials and industrial software.