Corporate Services

Teknopark Istanbul offers corporate solutions to the R&D firms and entrepreneurs located in our campus through the help of Technology Transfer Office and Incubation Center.

Corporate Services

Information Technology Services

  1. Configuration of information infrastructure
  2. Providing Wireless Internet to Guests
  3. Free Internet, telephone, photocopy and UPS for incubator entrepreneurs.
  4. Promoting events with mediamesh and information screens
  5. Provide projection, video conferencing and simultanious translation infrastructure for conferences and meeting rooms


Monitoring R&D Activity

  1. Administrative and technical evaluation of applicants for placement in the settlement
  2. Checking the staff working time with fingerprint system
  3. Informing the firms and entrepreneurs about technology zones exemptions
  4. Periodically report R&D projects to Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology


Technology Transfer Office Services

  1. Information, Ads, Education and Workshop Services
  2. Planning and Policy Making Services
  3. Monitoring the project and its evaluation services
  4. Business,Collaboration and Project Development Services
  5. Intellectual Property Rights and Licence Services
  6. Project Development and Management Services for Technopark Istanbul


Incubation Center Services

  1. Free office space on  Idea Cube Incubation Center
  2. Organizing entrepreneurial trainings
  3. Mentoring support
  4. Meet with investors
  5. Preparing the entrepreneurs for international markets


Strategic Services

  1. Developing Tekno+ projects and creating collaborations at the international level for technopark development
  2. Bringing together different institutions through clustering and excellence centers
  3. Launch strategic links with the public, universities, non-governmental organizations and other industrial organizations